Fixed Income Research Services:

The Fixed Income Research team provides investment managers with the up-to-date information required to make investment decisions. We support our clients with insightful analysis and play a key role in the idea generation value chain. Our analyst’s primary objective is to provide research support for making better investment decisions to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

We provide research services across the Fixed Income spectrum, to name a few, Leveraged Loans, Investment Grade/High Yield Corporates, Distressed Credit, Emerging Credit as well as Mortgage/Asset-based Securities. Our services include Fundamental Credit Analysis, Capital Structure Analysis, Financial Modelling, Covenant Analysis, Indenture Analysis and Cash-flow modelling.

Equity Research Services:

At Muse, our analysts provide bespoke equity research services which include financial modelling, in-depth analysis of Industry/Sector, and other related research solutions.

We cater to both Sell-side and Buy-Side Institutional Investors. We spend time understanding our clients’ needs and ensure that our recommendations are suitable for their investment criteria.

Our service suite includes Monitoring coverage universe, reviewing stocks (Large/Medium/Small/Micro Caps), preparing detailed research reports and updating models for earnings and events, as well as generating investment ideas/recommendations.

Investment Banking Support Services:

The key in Investment banking is to move swiftly on opportunities to get a deal done or to land a client. We aid our clients in this process by quick data gathering analysis and research along with providing financial models for their M&A / Leveraged Finance teams.

Services that we offer include pitchbooks and short profiles about companies or projects, trading comps, due diligence support, precedent transaction analysis, merger/synergy analysis.